Student EOS Survey

November 7, 2018


On Wednesday, October 24th during Advisory, students in grades 10 & 11 will be doing the EOS Survey.  Students in grade 9 will be doing the EOS survey in their 4th period class on Wednesday, November 14th.

Below is the link for students to access the EOS Student Survey at Lebanon High School.  Students should use their student ID numbers  to log onto the survey.  Student ID numbers are the same as your pinnacle usernames. If you don’t know your student ID number please ask your teacher or the Registrar. If your student ID number starts with a Zero then you may not have to enter the leading Zero for this survey.

Once students are logged into the survey, it should take about 30-40 minutes to complete. Students can only take the survey once. They cannot go back to previous pages. However, if the survey is interrupted, the participant can log back in and return where they left off.


What is the Purpose of the Survey?

  • To help all students reach their full academic potential, we want to better understand individual student expectations and aspirations
  • To identify students who have the potential to benefit from increased academic challenge, such as AP/IB courses
  • To explore awareness about college and career readiness
  • To gather information about resources that support your academic success

Who Should Take the Surveys? Everyone!

  • Even if you are not currently in Honors or AP courses, your responses are still critical.  We want to get each and every student’s perspective, not just certain groups of students.
  • Please be as candid and honest as possible in your responses.  The results will inform the strategies we use to better support you and expand academic opportunities for all students.
  • There are no wrong answers!
  • You are important!

Complete the Survey

  • Click on the survey link provided to you by your teacher or other staff member
  • Student Login – Access the survey using your student ID
  • Other Important Notes:
    • You can only take the survey once.
    • You cannot “go back” – Think carefully before submitting your answers.  It is not possible to move backwards/change an answer from a previous page.
    • If you’re interrupted while taking the survey, you can log in again and the survey will pick up where you left off.
  • Questions?
    • Raise your hand, ask your neighbor, contact the survey coordinator