Check Grades & Update Contact Information

March 12, 2020

Students have access to check their grades and attendance in pinnacle.  Student usernames are your seven digit Student ID number (included the leading zero if applicable). If you don’t know your username or password please see the LHS Registrar.

Parents also have access to check their students’ grades and attendance in pinnacle. PIV (Parent Internet Viewer) usernames are the same as last year and are a 9 digit number that starts with a 1. You also used the PIV username when doing online registration. Parents, if you need your username or password, please send an email to  Include your name and the name of your student.

You can login to pinnacle at the LHS website, over on the right under Quick Links, choose Pinnacle Login.

Questions?  Contact LHS Registrar by phone 541-259-8815 or email


Contact Information

If your address, phone number, email address or emergency contacts have changed, please send an email to In the email include your student’s name, your name and the updated information.