Online Forecasting 2022-2023

March 8, 2022

LHS Forecasting Directions for the 2022-2023 year

It’s time to choose your classes for next year! Please review the forecast sheet and your transcript. If you would like to see the curriculum guide it is available on our website. Please fill out the forecast sheet, then when you are ready, login to Registar to do your online forecasting. All online course requests are due by Friday, March 18th. Your counselor will review your online requests.

Online Forecasting Link – click this to login


Once you get logged into the Registar program, enter your Student ID (including leading zero) and your date of birth (format MM/DD/YYYY) to login.  This information is located in the top right of your forecast sheet. Click the green + sign to add primary classes and the blue + sign to enter alternates. I recommend after you fill out your paper forecast sheet that you enter your course requests in the same order they are listed on your paper form. We require students to sign up for 7.0 credits which is a full class schedule. (Seniors may take less if needed but keep in mind you need 2.5 credits each semester to be eligible for athletics, band and choir.) When you are done and satisfied with your selections, click the blue SUBMIT button.


If you have any questions about forecasting you can contact your counselor or the LHS Registrar.

Classes that require paper applications. All these applications are listed on our website at:

AVID (unless you are already in an AVID class), Yearbook Design, Activities Leadership, ASB Student Council.

Counselor Contact Information              *       LHS Phone 541-451-8555

Ashley Hernon-Dubra (current 8th graders-Class of 2026)  x1032 email:

Kelli Conraads (current 9thth graders-Class of 2025) x1010 email:

Casey Sheets (current 10thth graders-Class of 2024) x1035 email:

Will Bower (current 11th graders-Class of 2023) x1031 email:

LHS Registar – Rhonda Restau x1052  email: