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Signups for winter sports are happening now!  You can register online at If you have any questions, please see the Athletic Secretary in the main office.

Athletics Registration directions 22-23 year

Athletics Information – List of sports 22-23 year

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Scroll down and click on Sport Schedules/Websites/LIVE STREAMED EVENTS
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LHS Athletic Office Contact Info

Kraig Hoene
Athletic Director
Phone: 541.451.8555, ext. 1065

Jenny Pickles
Athletics Secretary
541.451.8555, ext. 1011


Spring Sports Update Line
541.451.8555, then press 8
Updated daily by 2:15 p.m.
On rainy, spring days you will want to call and check to see if a game has been rescheduled. Please call the sports update line for this information.

Mission Statement
Warrior athletics will reinforce our districts priorities of rigor, relevance, and relationships. All participants will learn the process of how to achieve through hard work, teamwork and preparation. Programs will be administered in a supportive as well as demanding environment. Anyone coming to watch a practice or game will see and feel success. Athletes and coaches will be working together with the utmost of class and sportsmanship to achieve at their highest level. Our competitive advantage will reside in our strength and speed development program as well as our philosophy of focusing on multi-sport athletes.

Sport Schedules / Websites / Live Streamed Events Forms, Eligibility & Guidelines


Home School Students

You will need the Home School Eligibility Parent Checklist form AND the School Representation Eligibility Certificate. Please also bring a copy of your test scores.

Transfer Students

You will need the Eligible Student Transfer Certificate. Please also bring your transcript and latest grade report. This is for students who transfer to LHS from another school district.

Private School Students

You will need the School Representation Eligibility Cert. Please also bring your latest grade report and transcript.

Foreign Exchange Students

You will need the Foreign Student Eligibility Checklist AND the School Representation Eligibility Certificate. Please also bring your transcript.

Eligibility for Athletes

We adhere to OSAA guidelines towards eligibility requirements

  • Passed 2.5 credits the previous semester.
  • Passing 2.5 credits during the current semester.
  • Completed 4.5 credits PRIOR to Sophomore year.
  • Completed 10 credits PRIOR to Junior year.
  • Completed 17 credits PRIOR to Senior year.
  • Daily attendance reports are run on athletes. Just one unexcused absence (period) make an athlete ineligible to compete in the next competition.

Warrior Guidelines

Participation Fee
Each student will pay a participation fee of $100.00 per sport. The fee is half price for students on the free lunch program and full price for students on the reduced lunch program. Full payment is required within the first two weeks of practice. If you are unable to pay at that time a payment plan must be set up with the athletic secretary. All fees and fines must be paid by the first contest. Violation of the payment plan will result in suspension or disqualification.

  • If a student is cut from a team, the participation fee will be refunded.
  • If a student quits a team for any reason, other than medical or moving, after his/her first week of practice, the participation fee will not be refunded OR transferable to another sport.
  • If the student presents the athletic director with a medical reason signed by a physician, the fee will be refunded. All medical or moving fees will be prorated.

Multi-Sport Participation
As an athletic department, we will support and reinforce students participating in a sport every season. Every coach will support this philosophy with his or her words and actions.

Strength and Conditioning Program
Our competitive advantage in program, as well as individual development, will focus on our strength and speed development program. It is essential that all participants, regardless of sport give 100% towards becoming their physical best. Having stronger, faster athletes will lead to individual, as well as team improvement in addition to lowering the individual’s risk of injury.

We will adhere to OSAA guidelines towards eligibility requirements. Students must have passed five (5) out of seven (7) half (.5) credit classes in the previous semester. Any student athlete who has a two point five (2.5) grade point average or below will be required to complete a weekly grade report to remain eligible. Every athletic team and team member will be required to participate in weekly team study sessions regardless of GPA. The coaches as well as the athletic director will administer these. Online classes may jeopardize athlete’s eligibility due to grading periods being different between the college and the high school. Students are ineligible until grades have been received. Any behavior referral, unexcused absence or action that causes our athletic programs embarrassment will affect student eligibility. We will not tolerate any action that negatively impacts our school, community, as well as teammates.

An athletic board made up of the athletic director as well as coaches will ultimately decide student punishment and/or eligibility on a case-by-case basis.

Drug and Alcohol Policy
It is our sincere hope that we will be able to create enough positive relationships and support for students that we will not have many violations of our substance abuse policy. Any student caught using or caught in a situation where other students are violating our substance abuse policy and not immediately removing themselves from the situation will be held responsible for their actions.

  • First Offense
    Two-week suspension.
  • Second Offense
    Four-week suspension, drug and alcohol evaluation and counseling prior to reinstating eligibility. Program to be paid for by student and/or parent(s).
  • Third Offense
    Four-week suspension, drug and alcohol evaluation and counseling prior to reinstating eligibility. Program to be paid for by student and/or parent(s). Weekly UA test to be paid for by parent(s) in order to maintain eligibility.

To be eligible for an athletic letter award, the athlete must complete the requirements and receive the recommendation of the head coach of that sport.

All participants must have an OSAA sports physical on file with the school prior to participation. It is required that students take the time every two years to update their physical.

Words of Wisdom
Coaches work extremely long hours with little financial gain. They predominantly coach to share their love and expertise of sports and sportsmanship with your son or daughter. Coaches want to help your son or daughter achieve athletically, academically, as well as teach them how to be a good team member. Please support what we are trying to accomplish in each program. Cheer for the team not just your child. Celebrate the small victories and resist the temptation to criticize the coach, other players and your child. This is a great learning opportunity for your child. The top four reasons kids drop out of athletics:

  1. Lack of success.
  2. Negative coaching.
  3. Sports burn-out with one sport athletes.
  4. Parental pressure (the ride home).

Your son or daughter has a tremendous learning opportunity. Kids sometimes lose perspective on what is right. When things seem extremely challenging to them this is probably a defining point for them. Support them, listen to them and love them unconditionally and remain positive in regards to what they are experiencing and learning. Our most valuable lessons come from our most challenging experiences.

Parent Athletic Survey

Parents, please take a few minutes to take our survey to let us know how we’re doing:

Coaches NCAA & NAIA Eligibility