Lebanon High School Registration Information

Rhonda Restau, LHS Registrar
Phone 541-259-8815 (direct) or 541-451-8555, ext. 1052
Address: 1700 S 5th Street  Lebanon OR  97355
Records Request – send to Fax 541-451-8550 or email to Registrar

If you have a student to enroll or withdraw, please contact Registrar.

“For the upcoming 2020-2021 school year, Governor Brown and Oregon Department of Education has directed all school districts to open the year using distance learning as the source of instruction for grades 4-12.” per Superintendent Bo Yates’ Press Release July 29, 2020

Lebanon High School’s registration has been moved to an all online process


REGISTRATION – NEW to Lebanon Community School District


STEP 1 – Complete Online Registration – link below

Click here to be directed to RegiStarChoose the BLUE BOX in the MIDDLE that says “New to District“. 

Registration is a 2 step process:
1. Complete online registration above
2. Fill out the following three additional forms. You may download them here to print and fill out online and email back. Or you can come into the school and fill them out at the Registrar’s office. If you happen to have a transcript, immunizations, IEP/504 then please bring copies of those as well. If you do not have them that is no problem, we will request them from your last school.

Move-in log form  Move In Log Form
Records request form LHS Records Request form
Grade-level forecast sheet – choose the appropriate one below

 2021 LHS Grade 9

2021 LHS Grade 10

2021 LHS Grade 11

2021 LHS Grade 12

These documents can be scanned and emailed to:  . Once online registration is complete and the three additional documents have been sent in, will contact you with further information on classes and scheduling. If you have any questions about registering new students, please either call 541-259-8815 or email Registrar.

District Calendars (printable)

Files are in PDF (  ) Format


English  | Español


REGISTRATION – Returning Students

Online Registration

Click here to be directed to RegiStar. Be sure to choose the LEFT BLUE BOX that says RETURNING STUDENTS



Online Re-Enrollment 2020-21 – Spanish Tz

Registration Update Spanish TZ


Fees can be paid at the finance office window in the main office. The main fee is the $25 student body fee. Other optional fees include $55 yearbook, $10 parking pass, $40 activity sticker, $35 senior fee which includes cap, gown, diploma – this is required for all seniors. You can also choose to pay fees online, here is the link. 


School Registration Fees

Student Body Card……….…No charge
(Replacement cards cost $3)
REQUIRED Security deposit for lost or damaged textbooks, materials, locks, or lockers………..$25
REQUIRED Senior Fee (this fee covers cap,   gown, & diploma)……………….$35
Parking Sticker………………..…$10
Shop/Elective Fee……….………varies
Welding Fee……………………….$20

LHS Activity Sticker*……….….$40
*The Student Body Card with an attached LHS Activity Sticker will admit a student free to all home athletic events, school plays and most after-game dances. Does not include scrimmages, powder puff, endowment, play-in and play-off games.

Athletic Fee…………………………$100 per sport
Fall Sports Pass……..….….……..$50
Winter Sports Pass……………….$50
Combo Pass ………………………. $90
(includes fall & winter)

Fees can be paid at the finance office window in the main office.

Lebanon High School School Information


We don’t have a set school supply list at Lebanon High School. Generally we recommend students have a backpack, a couple of good binders, several spiral notebooks, notebook dividers, glue sticks, plenty of pencils and pens and notebook paper.


Attendance and timeliness to all classes will be strictly enforced. At LHS, teachers enter attendance in the first 10 minutes of each period. Students more than 10 minutes late (tardy) will be marked absent. Parents are required to call the attendance office at (541) 451-8549 or send an excuse note with your student within 24 hours of the absence.


We offer a parent and student online portal to check grades and attendance online. It’s called Pinnacle and can be accessed by going to the LHS website at Students and parents may get their usernames and passwords from the LHS Registrar. We are also now using Canvas for checking current grades.


Lebanon High School is a “Closed Campus” during regular school hours.  No student is to leave campus without properly checking out through the Attendance Secretary.  Freshmen have closed campus during lunchtime. Sophomores, juniors and seniors have open campus during lunchtime and are expected to return on-time for their next class. Late-from-lunch tardies are not excused.


Breakfast is offered free for all Lebanon High School students each school-day morning in the cafeteria. Free & Reduced Lunch applications will be available at registration for families to fill out. This information is confidential and is used to qualify for additional revenue for the school.  Students qualifying for Free Lunch (NOT REDUCED) may receive a 50% discount on sports participation fees.


Our school district uses Google Docs and Google classroom. When students register at LHS, they will automatically be assigned a Google account which they can use at school and at home to create classroom documents and email. This account expires after a student graduates and/or withdraws from school.


A security deposit fee of $25.00 per school year will be charged to all students and will be refunded when textbooks, paperbacks and classroom reference materials are returned and all fines are cleared.  This fee will be refunded to the student upon leaving LHS.  The money received from the investment for the textbook deposit will be returned to the school student body fund for use in student related activities. This is in compliance with the Oregon Revised Statutes.

Required fees will be waived for students who are wards of the juvenile court system or Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS) unless funds are available through the court.  The school requires a letter from DHS or the court stating that the student is a ward of the court, and the court does not have funds in its budget for the fees.


All students driving vehicles to LHS must register their vehicles in the office. If students will be using the student parking facility at LHS, they will need to purchase a parking sticker for $10.00 in the Main Office. Lebanon High School will assume no responsibility for loss or damage to vehicles.  Parking permits at Lebanon High School are a privilege.  Permits may be revoked without refund for unsafe driving and/or not following school/district policies, including excessive behavior referrals or absences.  Student parking is closed to loitering during school hours, including lunch time.  Students found in violation of school and district policies including the parking of students in designated staff parking lots and/or students using the student parking facility without a permit may be ticketed or towed at the owners’ expense.


This card is your official identification and library card.  It should be carried by you during school hours and at school functions.  You are required to present this card at the following times:

  • Upon admission to school events
  • When asked by a district/school employee for identification

This card may not be used by any other student or non-student. Replacement cards cost $3. There is no charge for the first student body card issued to a student.


Yearbook/Student Body Card pictures are taken during registration.  You also have the opportunity to purchase school pictures at that time. You can pre-order pictures online at Lifetouch’s website: We also offer one make-up picture date in mid-September.  If a student should miss both dates, there will be no picture in the yearbook.  Please note that there is no guarantee that a student’s picture will be included in the yearbook. The yearbook is put together by students with deadlines to meet in order to make the required times for printing and delivery.


The handbook is available on our website at  Parents and students are responsible for reviewing the handbook each school year. Students will review the handbook and school rules in their class during the first week of school.


Each student will be issued a locker and all students are required to use the locker issued to them.  Locker combinations can only be given to those officially assigned to the locker.  To help prevent theft, students are required to keep their lockers locked at all times when they are not using them.  Lockers that are missing locks will have replacement locks placed on them and the students will be charged a replacement fee.  Students are reminded to not bring valuables to school and leave them in their lockers. Lebanon High School assumes no responsibility for lost and/or stolen items.


Immunizations for students entering school are required by Oregon State Law (ORS 433.267).  We must have an immunization card signed by a physician, a parent, and/or legal guardian or representative of the Linn County Health Department stating that the student has received initial immunization and prescribed reinforcing immunizations. Any new immunization records please bring a copy to the health office.


Self-carry medication forms are available in the LHS health office. Daily school medications need checked and signed in by a parent/guardian to the LHS health office.


The Lebanon Community School District will provide the opportunity for students to purchase student accident insurance as per Board Policy EIA.  The district itself will not carry student accident insurance other than liability insurance. Insurance forms for students and their parents will be available to be picked up at the main office in August.


P.E. clothing is required at LHS.  You will be instructed as to what the uniform will consist of during your first class meeting.  You will then be given a reasonable amount of time to acquire the recommended clothing. Students may be issued PE lockers by their PE teachers.


We have parent/teacher conferences in the fall and spring. Conferences are generally arena-style in the commons area.


Summer school is offered for students who failed a class during the school year and need credit recovery.


Students are assigned school counselors who are available in the counseling center. Counselors help with class scheduling, academic, career, and personal/social development of students.


All visitors must report to the high school receptionist in the main office upon entering school property. Please use the main door entrance only. Students are not allowed to have on-campus visitors during lunchtime or in classrooms. We generally have a “no visitor” policy.