Oregon Career Information System (CIS)

Career Information System


Below is information on how to login to the CIS or you may print instructions.

  • User Name – parentexplore
  • Password – collegeready1
  • Portfolio – “Welcome Parent Screen”

This information is provided to you for exploration of the CIS website only. Please do not save any information to this site.

The Oregon Career Information System (CIS) is a comprehensive online resource for students in grades 7-12, college students and adults who are interested in exploring their career options.

In addition to career and education information, it also includes all the necessary resources for completing Oregon’s career-related, diploma requirements.

Students can document all aspects of these requirements in their online CIS portfolio.

Navigating the Education Plan and Profile in the Oregon Career Information System.


  • EPP = Education Plan and Profile
    “Assists students in pursuing their personal, education and career interests and post-high school goals”. – Oregon Department of Education
  • Oregon CIS = Career Information Systems – University or Oregon copyright
  • Career Planning Portfolio = Where the career and college exploration work done on CIS system is stored. Portfolios are personalized for each student.

Where to Look For

The Career Planning Portfolio

  1. On the main high school home page, go to the upper right hand corner and click on the blue “Go to My Career Planning Portfolio”.
  2. The categories in the portfolio are: “My Plan”, “My Course Planner”, “My Education and Work History”, “My Career-Related Learning”, “My Assessments and Sorts”, “My Favorites”, “My Files and Links”, “My Messages”, “My Personal Information”, and “My Learning Express”.
  3. The portfolio is where all work done in CIS from 7th – 12th grade is stored. “My Plan” has the education plan activities that each grade level completes. Click on one of the tabs across the page to explore each category. The worksheets and activities are described in the left-hand side categories that begin with a question, such as: “Who Am I?”, “Where Am I Going?” and/or “How Do I Get There?”.

College and Training Information

On the left-hand side of the Lebanon High School home page, under Education & Training, click on the category you are interested in to find out further information about college or training programs that you are interested in. Also, “School Sort” under Exploration Tools will allow you to select and compare schools.

Occupation Information

On the upper left-hand side of the Lebanon High School Home Page, under Occupations & Employment, employment information is listed. Select a category and find detailed information about career interests and jobs.


The Parent Resource category is located on the lower right-hand side of the screen. Click on the category for parent information.

The Site Resources category on the lower right hand side of the screen has tutorials for topics in the CIS system.