Community Service

Community Service  Graduation Requirement

Community Service Log Form (pdf)

One of the graduation requirements at Lebanon High School is that students must plan, complete, and verify ten hours of volunteer community service for each year of attendance.  *This would add up to a total of 40 hours before they graduate as a senior.  Lebanon High School feels that students volunteering to help in their community benefit not only themselves but also others.  In addition, students’ learning experiences are enhanced and expanded while people and causes in the community are benefited. (*Hours required will vary due to the Covid-19 pandemic)

Suggested activities and possibilities for community service hours are as follows:

  • Creating and sending cards to military families and those in need.
  • Doing chores for or working with the elderly (not family).
  • Fundraisers for charitable causes.
  • Giving blood or volunteering with a blood drive.
  • Helping in assisted living facilities, the Boys & Girls Club, Emergency Shelter, FISH, Food Share, Gleaners, Goodwill, Habitat For Humanity, Meals On Wheels, Safe Haven, Salvation Army, Senior Center, Soup Kitchen, etc.
  • Neighborhood improvement activities
  • Participating in food drives, clothing drives, military drives, etc. (creating posters, collecting resources, distributing resources, etc.).
  • Peer tutoring and working with younger students.
  • Picking up or maintaining parks or public areas, including trail maintenance.
  • Working with civic organizations (i.e. American Legion, Chamber, Elks, Kiwanis, Rotary, etc.).

These following types of activities are NOT eligible for community service:

  • Class assignments.
  • Court mandated activities.
  • Family activities, such as chores.
  • Paid activities, including employment.
  • Participating in sports.