Curriculum Guide

Below is the 18-19 LHS Curriculum Guide. If you have additional questions about our courses please ask the Registrar or your school counselor.

Help document about online forecasting below:

Registar Course Request Student – 2018-2019

Online Forecasting Link

Online forecasting officially closed on April 18, 2018. If you need to make any changes to your course requests, please see the LHS Registrar or send an email to 

We are again doing online forecasting in a program called “Registar”. Students enter their course requests into Registar and counselors approve or not approve requests. We will still send paper forecast sheets to use as a guide only. No need to turn in paper copies of forecast sheets. Students will enter all their information into Registar Course Request Login which gets entered into our SILK scheduling system.  Registar has course descriptions. We still recommend students use the LHS Curriculum Guide which is available on the LHS website.

9th Grade Info (Class of 2022)

Curriculum Fair slideshow for Class of 2022


Core classes will be pre-loaded into Registar. These classes include:

Language Arts 9     –   Algebra 1   –   Physical Science  – Geography  –      Freshman PE

Here is the Student Login Link to Registar.  To login to the online course request system called “Registar” students will need their student ID # and date of birth (format DD/MM/YYYY).

Online Forecasting Link


10th Grade (Class of 2021) Forecast Information

1819 LHS Grade 10

Electives for 1819

11th Grade (Class of 2020) Forecast Information

1819 LHS Grade 11

Electives for 1819

12th Grade (Class of 2019) Forecast Information

1819 LHS Grade 12

Electives for 1819



Leadership Application

Avid Application

2018-19 LHS Yearbook Application


Online Forecasting Link

Students will need their date of birth (format DD/MM/YYYY) and student ID number in order to enter course requests


Modified Diploma Requirements


NCAA Core Courses Approved

Our School Code is 380590


LBCC College Now Information

Through an agreement with Linn-Benton Community College, students may earn college credit for courses taught at Lebanon High School.  These credits may transfer to a four-year university, and Associates Degree, or apply toward a technical degree program at LBCC.   Check with the college you are interested in for more information.  Earning these credits at Lebanon High School will save you time and money; you will not have to repeat the same course at LBCC.  Students must complete an application and turns it into the Registrar’s office at LHS.   See below for a list of Lebanon High School College Now courses.

College Now Application – link below – paper copies also available at the LHS Registrar’s office.



Lebanon High School

Course Title

LBCC Course # LHS Teacher LBCC Title
& number of college credits
Number of College Credits earned at LBCC
Architecture 1 EG4.411* Benedict, Mardy CAD 1 4
Engineering Design 1 & 2 EG4.407* Benedict, Mardy Intro to CAD 4
General Drafting EG4.409* Benedict, Mardy Drafting 1 3
General Welding WD4.151 Tatum, Bob Welding 1 2
Accounting 1A & 1B BA2.530* Edwards, Lily Practical Accounting 1 4
Accounting 2A & 2B BA2.531* Edwards, Lily Practical Accounting II 4
Entrepreneurship & Accounting 1 BA101 Edwards, Lily Intro to Business 4
Criminology CJ101 Randklev, Bonita Criminal Justice 3
Culinary 1 CA111 Hara, Marcia Safety & Sanitation 1
French 2A & 2B FR101 Chambers, Deanna French 101 4
French 3A & 3B FR102 Chambers, Deanna French 102 4
French 4A & 4B FR103 Chambers, Deanna French 103 4
Spanish 2A & 2B SPN101 Fandino/Jordan-Zornow Spanish 101 4
Spanish 3 A & B SPN102 Fandino/Jordan-Zornow Spanish 102 4
Spanish 4 A & B SPN103 Fandino/Jordan-Zornow Spanish 103 4
Spanish for Heritage Speakers 1 SPN101 Jordan-Zornow, Lisa Spanish 101 4
Spanish for Heritage Speakers 2 SPN102 Jordan-Zornow, Lisa Spanish 102 4
AP Spanish SPN103 Jordan-Zornow, Lisa Spanish 103 4
AP Calculus AB (Sem 1) MTH251 Helland/Martens Differential Calculus 5
AP Calculus AB (Sem 2) MTH252 Helland/Martens Integral Calculus 5
College Algebra MTH111 Helland/Martens College Algebra 5
AP Statistics (Sem 1 & 2) MTH243 Martens, Mark Introduction to Statistics 5
Trigonometry MTH112 Helland/Martens Trigonometry 5
AP Computer Science CS161 Helland Intro to Comp Science 1 4
AP US Government PS201 Carpenter-Walker, Tina Intro Amer Politics/Govt. 3
AP English Language and Composition WR121 Twomey, Maureen English Composition 3
AP English Literature and Composition ENG104 Work, Meredith Intro to Fiction 3
Language Arts 12 WR115/WR121 Williams/Vandehey English Composition 3
Large Animal Production (AG 3) ANS121 Wilson, Mike Intro to Animal Science 4
Ag Business Livestock (AG 4) AG111 Wilson, Mike Computers in Agriculture 3


Have you earned LBCC COLLEGE NOW credit in high school? Here’s how to transfer your COLLEGE NOW credits transfer to your school.

LBCC Transcripts

To order a free unofficial LBCC transcript, log in to WebRunner,  click on “Student” menu, click on “Student Records,” select “Academic Transcript”

Student Legal Name ______________________________

My LBCC user ID ____________________  Format 123456789 or X00001234
(you can get your LBCC user ID/College Now number from LHS Registrar)

PIN _______________  First Time User: Format is birthday MMDDYY

To order an Official LBCC transcript ($5 first copy, $1 additional copies, whether official or unofficial), you have three options:

If you are in a college now class this semester be sure to check the box “Hold for Current Term Grades”. For example, you are in Trigonometry 2nd semester and you want to make sure that college now grade gets posted on your LBCC transcript before it gets sent to OSU.

Printable forms (including PDF’s) cannot be saved after completion – be sure to print a hard copy when you are done and before you exit the form. Printed forms can be returned via any of the methods listed below:

  • IN PERSON:  Admissions office – located in Takena Hall at the LBCC Albany Main Campus
  • BY MAIL:
    Linn-Benton Community College
    Attn: Admissions
    6500 Pacific Blvd. SW
    Albany, Oregon 97321


LBCC transcript request form