Lebanon High School Library
1700 South Fifth Street
Lebanon, OR 97355

Phone: 541-259-8803


8:25 a.m. – 3:25 p.m.

Closed “Early Release” afternoons

Library Policies

Checking Out Books

  • Check out period is two weeks.
  • Books may be renewed if you need them longer than two weeks (bring the book to the circulation desk for renewal).
  • Your Student ID card is your library card, and you must have it with you to check out a book.
  • Please do not check out books for other studentsyou are responsible for all fines if that book is overdue, lost or damaged.

Library Fines

  • Overdue books are assessed 10¢ per day (after the three-day grace period).
  • Lost or damaged books must be paid for in full.
  • All fines must be paid and overdue books returned before checking out another book.

Food For Fines

  • You may “pay” an overdue fine by bringing in two cans of food, which is donated to a local food bank.
  • The overdue book must be returned to take advantage of Food For Fines.
  • This does not apply to fines for lost or damaged books.

Place Bags & Backpacks in Cubbies

  • All bags and backpacks are to be placed in the cubbies near the library entrance.
  • Put bags and backpacks on the shelves – not on the floor!
  • For security reasons, do not loiter (“hang out”) in the cubby area.

No Food or Drink in Library

  • This includes water bottles, suckers and other snacks.
  • Please leave any food or drink at the circulation desk and pick it up when you leave.
  • Food or drinks that are taken into the library may be confiscated and thrown away.

Do Not Re-Shelve Books

  • Please don’t put books back on the shelf when you are finished looking at them.
  • Put books that you are done with on the counter on top of the shelf or on a book cart.

Hall Passes Needed During Class Times

  • You need to bring your own hall pass, filled out and signed by your teacher, if you come to the library during class time.
  • Stamp the pass with the time clock when you arrive, leave your pass in the box behind the letter of your last name, and then pick up your own pass and stamp it again when you leave to return to class.
  • You do not need a hall pass before or after school.


Why do I need to show my Student ID card to check out a book?

In order to make sure we’re checking out the book to the right person and not someone else who has a similar name (or similar student number), we scan the barcode on your ID card to access your library account.

Why does each person who comes to the library need his or her own hall pass - why not save paper and list everyone on one pass?

It would certainly be more ecologically sound to use just one pass, but, unfortunately, we have lots of instances when students who are skipping class add their names to a friend’s pass in order to avoid getting caught skipping. So we have to be strict about making sure each person has a pass and is where they should be.

Why do we have to put bags and backpacks in the cubbies?

There are several reasons-

First, bags and backpacks on the floor are a safety hazard.

Second, it helps avoid losing library materials – it’s very easy to inadvertently pick up library materials with your own things and scoop them into your bag without thinking at the end of the period, and once something lands in the bottom of a bag or backpack, it could well be lost forever. And while the alarm on the security gates at the door will likely go off, you’ll still have to empty your entire bag in front of us in order to find out what’s causing it. The added step having to take your belongings back over the the bag area helps prevent this.

Finally, it’s very easy to forget about the “no food or drink” rule if your bag is right there within reach, and spilled food or liquids (even plain water) cause serious damage in libraries.

Why can't we have food or drinks in the library?

Where there’s food or drinks, there are spills. It can’t be helped – even the most careful people get bumped into. Spills on books or other printed materials destroy the paper. It doesn’t necessarily happen quickly – the pages can appear to dry, but mildew will slowly begin growing, which ruins the pages and eventually causes the book to stink, as well. This damage cannot be repaired – we have to throw the book away.

Plain water is just as damaging as pop or juice drinks, so we cannot even have water bottles in the library.

Even a spill on a table top can cause damage when books or other materials are set atop the spill.

You don't have a particular book I want to read - can you get it?

Tell us about the book you’re looking for – we may be able to get it for you. Occasionally another school in the district will have a copy that they aren’t using, and we might be able to borrow it temporarily. We might also be able to purchase it if we have funds available at that time.

We can’t always get a book that’s requested, but we’d like to try. Don’t hesitate to ask!

I found something in the library catalog, but I can't find it on the shelf - what's up with that?

If you’re having trouble finding something, ask us to help! It could be in one of several places – maybe it’s on a display, or perhaps it’s on the cart waiting to be reshelved. Perhaps someone was looking at it and put it back on the wrong shelf (which is why we ask you to leave books on top of the shelves or on carts). We will try to help you find it.

Why don't you want us to put books back on the shelf when we're done with them?

The library has to be the only place in the universe where we don’t want you to put things back where you got them!

In order for the next person to find the book, it’s critical that it be in exactly the right place on the shelf. It’s much easier for us to reshelve books than to find one that’s in the wrong place, even if it’s close to where it belongs.

Please put books on the counter on top of the book shelves or on one of the carts when you’re done with them.