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Memories Matter
Buy your Yearbook and cherish those great memories for years to come!
Cost: $55.00 pay at the Finance Office

Senior Pictures
Deadline to submit senior pictures is last Friday in October

Past Yearbooks Available for Purchase
Did you lose, damage, or misplace your old Warrior yearbook? You’re in luck! We are making our yearbooks archives available for purchase.

For orders, please contact Lisa Miller at the Finance Office at Lebanon High School: 541-451-8555, ext. 1027. Yearbooks from the last 10 years sell for $50. Older editions of the yearbook sell for $35. The archives include yearbooks from 1940 to 2014. Not all years are available. View which years are on sale.

Shipping is not currently available, so all purchases must be picked up at the Finance Office at Lebanon High School. Purchases should be made during the school year and will not be available during the summer.

Graduation Photos

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