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How do I buy a yearbook?

Most students purchase yearbooks during registration. Lisa Miller (Finance Office) handles all sales during the year. Please address checks to “Lebanon High School” (write “Yearbook” on memo line).

How much does the yearbook cost?

Yearbooks ordered during first semester cost $60. Yearbooks ordered during second semester cost $65. Ordering during first semester helps us estimate how many books needs to be printed. You may also make a payment in several monthly installments.

Senior Quotes

Seniors are encouraged to submit a short quotation* to be published alongside their photo in the yearbook. Quotes are due by January 27, 2023. 

To submit a quote, sign-in with any Google Account and submit the Google Form at:

* Please limit your quote to 100-125 characters with spaces. Quotes will not be accepted if they have a suggestive double meaning, use disrespectful language, make references that are inappropriate for school, are negative in tone (toward anyone or anything). Please give credit to the source of your quote. If you are submitting a personal quote, you may list “personal” as the source. Your quote may not be accepted if it is from a source that contains inappropriate content (e.g. lyrics from a song with explicit content). A senior quote may not be accepted if the yearbook editors do not understand what it means. You may submit a short explanation of your quote if needed.

Senior Photos

Seniors are encouraged to submit a digital photo for publication in the yearbook.  Photos must meet the requirements below.

Photos are due by January 27, 2023

Email your digital photo to:

Photo Requirements

  • Photo must be vertical (we will not accept a horizontal photo)
  • Cropped to 4×6 aspect ratio (or we will crop it)
  • File must be .jpg or .png (no .pdfs)
  • File must be at least 500kb (no screenshots)
  • Photo is of student’s head, shoulders, and torso
  • Clearly shows student’s face without obstruction
  • In color with minimal digital enhancement

Senior Friends & Family Advertisements

Friends and family of graduating seniors can purchase a yearbook advertisement commemorating the class of 2023. Contact the yearbook adviser, Mr. Bond, for more information at


Past Yearbooks Available for Purchase
Did you lose, damage, or misplace your old Warrior yearbook? You’re in luck! We are making our yearbooks archives available for purchase.

For orders, please contact Lisa Miller at the Finance Office at Lebanon High School: 541-451-8555, ext. 1027. Yearbooks from the last 10 years sell for $50. Older editions of the yearbook sell for $35. The archives include yearbooks from 1940 to 2014. Not all years are available. View which years are on sale.

Shipping is not currently available, so all purchases must be picked up at the Finance Office at Lebanon High School. Purchases should be made during the school year and will not be available during the summer.

Graduation Photos