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Schedule Changes available January 22 - February 2

Schedule Changes are now closed for Semester 2

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Lebanon High School Counseling Dept. Staff

Grade 9
Class of 2027

School Counselor:

Kelli Conraads
541-451-8555 ext. 1010
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Grade 10
Class of 2026

School Counselor:

Ashley Herndon-Dubra
541-451-8555 ext. 1032
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Grade 11
Class of 2025

School Counselor:

Karen Sickels
541-451-8555 ext. 1033
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Grade 12
Class of 2024

School Counselor: 

Casey Sheets
541-451-8555 ext. 1035
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Counseling Secretary:   
Debi Destowet
541-451-8555 ext. 1022
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Rhonda Restau
541-259-8815 (direct line) or 541-451-8555 ext. 1052
Fax student records requests to 541-451-8550 or email


Counseling Center Forms

Our Mission

The mission of the LHS counseling department is to provide encouragement and support to all students in their academic, career/college, social/emotional development, and participation in the broader community. We believe all students are capable and we treat them with dignity and respect while honoring their individual humanity. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our students and helping them discover opportunities that will enable them to reach success during high school and beyond.